Designing and 3D visualization

We provide You with the room concept, design project 3D correctly solaruim shopping space, select the optimal number and the ratio of the dimensions of the furniture in the sales area, will form the project budget.

The development of the design concept for the project

  • ✔ Definition of the main artistic ideas of areas depending on the job profile of the company;
  • ✔ Color and stylistic solutions of the project;
  • ✔ Zoning of retail space;
  • ✔ Development and placement of various types of commercial equipment and furniture;
  • ✔ Development of lighting system.
  • The result shall be visualization space: a three-dimensional color entity types with furniture and finishing materials. The rendering format requirements projects to address major shopping centers.

    Design includes the preparation of project documentation for the project, sketches and blueprints of commercial equipment, furniture and furnishings, the project of the lighting system, the preparation of specifications for equipment and types of work, determination of the estimated cost of the project.

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To order a calculation of the project