About us

For You, we can develop and manufacture commercial equipment of any complexity, taking into account features of the room and specifics of Your business. Employees of the company "Shopline" have high qualification and big experience in this field.

Modern technologies and equipment combined with the high professional qualities of employees allow the company to "Shoplayn" to make the commercial equipment of excellent quality that ensures long life and excellent appearance, at a competitive price.

Our customers include not only large retailers but also many small and medium enterprises and private individuals.

Short and guaranteed lead times due to the presence of its own production and a developed system of logistics of deliveries of materials and finished products.

Many facilities provided by the company "Shopline" services avoids the need to search additional contractors for the delivery, installation of equipment and its maintenance.


For the production of individual furniture and commercial equipment, we use only ecologically clean high quality materials from reputable manufacturers.

As raw materials for our products are used:

  • ✔ laminated chipboard and MDF;
  • ✔ array of natural wood;
  • ✔ plastic;
  • ✔ metal;
  • ✔ stainless steel;
  • ✔ natural veneer;
  • ✔ artificial stone;
  • ✔ PVC film;
  • ✔ frosted and polished glass, mirrors;
  • ✔ high-quality coating materials;
  • ✔ lighting fixtures and fittings;
  • ✔ a reliable hardware and components.
  • All materials for the production of furniture and its components tested for environmental safety.


    The products of our company are manufactured on modern high-tech equipment, designed and manufactured by leading global suppliers.

    Reliable and high precision woodworking CNC machines and technological lines allow us to produce high quality furniture optimization of material and time costs.

    Quality standards

    Level of quality products produced by the enterprise endeavour to meet the strict international requirements adopted in most countries.


    The whole furniture of our own production we give a guarantee of 1 year. Provide after-sales service set of the trading equipment and furniture.

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